Subsequent sessions

Hopefully your first session will have gone well and you will have decided you would like to work with me on a more permanent basis. I do not require you to commit to a set number of sessions, you may need two or you may need twenty two! However, most clients aim to start with six at which point we reassess and decide if you would like to continue or whether your issue has been resolved.

Your therapy is directed by you, that means you decide what you would like to work on in each session. Most clients come to counselling for a particular reason however, sometimes other more immediate problems crop up that you may like to deal with before going back to the original issue. 

As a pluralistic counsellor I tailor therapy to your needs and way of working, for example classic talking therapy or perhaps working creatively. With this in mind I will review our sessions every five weeks or so to ensure you are happy with the path we are taking.